Is That a Good Board Question?

Governance specialists encourage board members to have inquiring minds and to ask challenging questions. You can’t add value by rubber stamping recommendations. That does not mean that asking why kitchen supplies increased by $42 over last year, in a four million dollar budget, is a good question! Nor are questions like, “Are you out of … Read more Is That a Good Board Question?

Does Sustainability Mean Forever?

We can better achieve organizational sustainability with a common understanding within each organization. That would ensure our efforts and resources can be aligned towards the same type of sustainability. Otherwise, they may be scattered or even at odds. Last year I joined the board of a land trust. I’ve working with and in many kinds … Read more Does Sustainability Mean Forever?

These are a few of my favourite blogs

These blog articles from 2017 stand out in my mind as thought-provoking yet practical, with innovative ideas to benefit our organizations and ourselves or at least great ways to cover a topic. And they will lead you to sites that contain many excellent blog articles – check the lists at each for what titles resonate … Read more These are a few of my favourite blogs

What’s your organization’s ecosystem?

Is it a maze where employees, volunteers and stakeholders make choice with little or no information and no clear view of the main goal? A highway system where choices are clearly marked and you know how far it is to your destination—but only one or two routes will get you there, and each vehicle is … Read more What’s your organization’s ecosystem?

A Disruptive Conversation About Democracy

At a recent 5 Good Ideas session of the Maytree Foundation, the amazing Uzma Shakir challenged the audience to have disruptive conversations. To identify words whose meaning we have been taking for granted even though they are often used to mean something they are not. My word for today is “democracy.” Like many of you, … Read more A Disruptive Conversation About Democracy