Who is the Heart of our Sector?

The main speaker of a podcast I recently listened to described fundraisers as the heart of the charity sector. I normally hold that podcast organization high regard, but no. With the greatest respect for good fundraisers, just NO. The front-line people doing the actual work of our programs and services are the heart. The social … Read more

Let’s Ditch the Phrase “Best Practices”

I have been delighted to learn that many of my best colleagues cringe just as I do at the phrase “best practices.” Best for whom? When? Why? Let’s take an example. It’s best practice to avoid having spouses on a board. And many of us have seen horrible results from such arrangements. If one spouse … Read more

Is Your Board Practicing Intentional Governance?

Proposed approach for Intentional Governance: An explicit desire to improve governance is voiced and appears to have majority support. A conscious decision is made, at least on first steps. A committee or working group is formed with an assigned purpose of recommending enhancements. A work plan emerges after deliberate discussion of the nature of desired change.

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