Who is the Heart of our Sector?

The main speaker of a podcast I recently listened to described fundraisers as the heart of the charity sector. I normally hold that podcast organization high regard, but no. With the greatest respect for good fundraisers, just NO. The front-line people doing the actual work of our programs and services are the heart. The social … Read more

These are a few of my favourite blogs

These blog articles from 2017 stand out in my mind as thought-provoking yet practical, with innovative ideas to benefit our organizations and ourselves or at least great ways to cover a topic. And they will lead you to sites that contain many excellent blog articles – check the lists at each for what titles resonate … Read more

Three Words I No Longer Use

Are you robbing people of reaching their highest potential by using words that reduce their energy, creativity, curiousity and enthusiasm? Are you reducing their chances for finding and implementing the best possible solutions to their challenges? I’ve banned three such words from my vocabulary, and there are some others I’m working on but still slip … Read more

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