I Just Watched the Last One

This blog title sums up the total preparation done by many of the incoming board chairs I’ve dealt with. According to an Alliance for Nonprofit Management research report, about 51% of new not-for-profit board chairs say they did nothing to prepare. Most had not been a Vice Chair, and some had not even chaired a committee. Is this … Read more

8 Tips for Hiring a Strategic Planning Consultant

So, your charity, association or community group is ready for a new plan! The old one is expiring and needs a real refresh. Or maybe your organization is new or recently merged, so the plan will be brand new. And congratulations; you’ve realized that you need someone without a stake in the outcome to guide the process. But who?

The Outcomes that Matter

Let’s start with the personal. I had an operation last year, after which the symptoms that were the reason for the operation got worse. The surgeon still regards the operation as a success because she did something (possibly the wrong something) technically well. Which outcome do you think matters most – patient health or a surgeon’s pride in their … Read more

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