Three Words I No Longer Use

Are you robbing people of reaching their highest potential by using words that reduce their energy, creativity, curiousity and enthusiasm? Are you reducing their chances for finding and implementing the best possible solutions to their challenges? I’ve banned three such words from my vocabulary, and there are some others I’m working on but still slip … Read more

What Would a Better Committee Structure Make Possible?

Here’s a success story about a hypothetical organization that examined its use of board committees. Background The Donkey Therapy Centre had a highly engaged board, with everyone active in committees such as facilities, transportation, volunteer management, personnel or other committees among the twelve currently reporting to the board. Many also volunteered directly with the troubled … Read more

When Directors Won’t Say NO

I was horrified to read this morning that even a corporate director of the status of Warren Buffet is not willing to vote against Board motions he disagrees with. In 55 years of corporate board work, he has NEVER heard a NO vote on an executive compensation plan! I’m sure the shareholders of those companies … Read more

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