Why Not to SWOT

It’s time for another strategic plan – yay! Wait, that wasn’t your reaction? Is it because you didn’t enjoy your last planning sessions? Or because that last plan didn’t really make a difference? If you are frustrated by the lack of significant results from your prior plans, and you’re not looking forward to your group’s … Read more

When Directors Won’t Say NO

I was horrified to read this morning that even a corporate director of the status of Warren Buffet is not willing to vote against Board motions he disagrees with. In 55 years of corporate board work, he has NEVER heard a NO vote on an executive compensation plan! I’m sure the shareholders of those companies … Read more

What is “Community”?

If, from all the material posted on the Internet daily, you have picked this blog to read, then we share a common interest.  We likely, in fact, share many common interests with each other and with many humans we haven’t met yet, even virtually.  For example, do we not all want a healthy environment, now … Read more

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