My goals for 2015 and beyond

Here are my thoughts for me, based as always on Garthson Leadership Centre’s:

Visionfuturefocus: An amazing, sustainable, healthy world with social justice, creativity and abundance.

Mission: To create better futures for communities and organizations through values-based leadership.

What can I do to further the Vision and Mission over the next 10 years?

  • Move organizations and communities towards the vision by taking paid and unpaid leadership roles where I can model values, build teams and get results.
  • Have significant influence on organizations that contribute to the world I imagine, through paid advisory roles that also enable me to continue my work.
  • Indirectly help many current and future leaders further my mission by sharing my knowledge, through regular and frequent use of diverse online means.
  • Make some of that knowledge sharing lasting beyond my working life through creation of awesome reference material (e.g., e-books).Jane and Nijomi penning
  • Stay active through horseback riding, gardening, walking and making music, and eat healthy food, so I continue to have the energy for these plans.

What can I do to further the Vision and Mission in 2015?

  1. After a year’s sabbatical from boards (after over 23 years of constant board service, sometimes on up to three at once), find:
  • A new volunteer board role with a significant Canadian charity or an umbrella organization serving the nonprofit sector; and
  • A paid board role with a regulatory crown corporation (again), social enterprise or private company seeking to enhance its corporate social responsibility and/or governance.
  1. Develop a content management plan for my online presence, and implement frequent free online knowledge sharing through blogs, videos, Linked In and Twitter.
  1. Selectively accept leadership consulting assignments that serve my mission, primarily with organizations where someone in a responsible role talks to me about outcomes, scope and fit prior to written proposals or quotes. Continue to build and manage (or be part of) virtual project teams that best serve client needs
  1. Continue to engage with and learn from local and global colleagues through active involvement in the Centre for Social Innovation, Creating the Future and local learning events. Very selectively attend high value major learning events relevant to the mission.

In 10 years

  • Take action to ensure that relevant knowledge sharing I’ve done continues to be available to new leaders and colleagues.
  • Look up the word “retirement” in a dictionary 😉

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