What Would a Better Committee Structure Make Possible?

Here’s a success story about a hypothetical organization that examined its use of board committees. Background The Donkey Therapy Centre had a highly engaged board, with everyone active in committees such as facilities, transportation, volunteer management, personnel or other committees among the twelve currently reporting to the board. Many also volunteered directly with the troubled … Read more

Why Not to SWOT

It’s time for another strategic plan – yay! Wait, that wasn’t your reaction? Is it because you didn’t enjoy your last planning sessions? Or because that last plan didn’t really make a difference? If you are frustrated by the lack of significant results from your prior plans, and you’re not looking forward to your group’s … Read more

When Directors Won’t Say NO

I was horrified to read this morning that even a corporate director of the status of Warren Buffet is not willing to vote against Board motions he disagrees with. In 55 years of corporate board work, he has NEVER heard a NO vote on an executive compensation plan! I’m sure the shareholders of those companies … Read more

What is “Community”?

If, from all the material posted on the Internet daily, you have picked this blog to read, then we share a common interest.  We likely, in fact, share many common interests with each other and with many humans we haven’t met yet, even virtually.  For example, do we not all want a healthy environment, now … Read more